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DoUploads Payout Rules Updated

10 May 2018
Hello To All DoUploads Uploader's

We Have Updated Our Payout Rules On 10-May-2018.

New Rules Are:
1. PayPal & BitCoin Minimum Payout Is 20$. Transaction Fee Will Be Deducted From Your Side
2. WebMoney Minimum Payout Is 20$. 5% Transaction Fee Will Be Deducted From Our-side
3. Perfect Money & WebMoney Maximum Payout is 50$.
4. Payoneer Minimum Payout is 50$. Payment Will Be Processed On First & Last Week Of Every Month.

You Can See These Rules Also On�Request Payout Page

By Updated & Making Little But Changes We're Trying To Make DoUploads Better. May Be These Rules Make You Angry Or Disturb But Surely After These Rules You Will See DoUploads Will Be More Stable In Payouts.

If You Have Requested Payout After 10th May 2018 Which Is Below 20$ Will Be Rejected. When You Reach To 20$ Then Request Payout.

Thank You

DoUploads Admin,
Muhammad Sadeem