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17 Jul 2019

DoUploads Domain Extension Changed

Hello Friends!

Today we have changed DoUploads domain extension from .com to .net Please bookmark new domain and now Adsense is live on new domain extension PPD rates will be increased next month & all your payments will be cleared within few weeks.

Thank for your cooperation
Happy Uploadings At

DoUploads Admin
9 May 2019

PPD Rates Decreased Temporary

Hello, Dear Uploaders!

We Have Decreased PPD Rates Temporary. Recently Our Adsense Account Disabled With The Loss Of 5000+ USD Dollars. Trying To Fix Problem ASAP. When Adsense Problem Got Fixed We Will Again Increase The Rates. Just Have Patient For Few Days. 

Be With DoUploads & Support Us.
Thank You

DoUploads Admin
Muhammad Sadeem
7 Feb 2019

Movie Uploads Enabled Again

Hello Dear Movie Uploaders

Good News! We Have Enabled Movie Uploads On Our Server Again. Now You Can Upload Movies On Our Servers. 

Thank You For Being With Us <3

DoUploads Admin
30 Jan 2019

Desktop Uploader & WebDav Access Available Now

Hello Dear Users

Today We Have Added Officially Windows, Mac & Android File Manager & Upload You Can Download From Here

With this feature, you can upload and manage your files without opening the browser.
Multi-threaded upload
HTTP Proxy support
Upload/Rename/Delete Files
Copy folder contents to the clipboard

What Is WebDAV Access?
With this feature, You can connect to your account with WebDAV protocol and manage your files from any platform (Windows, Linux, Mac Os, iOS, Android and Blackberry) just as if it was a regular disk drive. Learn How To Connect WebDAV

Happy Uploadings :)

DoUploads Admin
28 Jan 2019

Movie Uploads Banned

Hello Dear Movie Uploaders

Bad News! We Have Banned Movie Uploads On Our Server Permanently Do To Mass DMCA Reports. No More Movie Uploads On Our Servers. Kindly Do Not Upload Any More Movies On Our Servers. If You've Earned Money Kindly Request For Payout. If We See New Account Of Movie Uploads We Will Ban.

And New Movie Uploads Will Be Deleted Automatically. If You Keep Uploading We Can Ban Your Account Without Any Notice.

Thank You For Being With Us <3

DoUploads Admin
16 Nov 2018

DoUploads Premium Key Official Reseller AccountInstant

Hello Dear Users! Is Now DoUploads Official Premium Key Reseller. Now You Can Buy Your Premium Key With Below Methods:
1. Coingatwe: BitCoin, AltCoins (BCH, BTG, CVC, DASH, ETC, ETH, LTC, OMG, ZEC...)
2. PaySera: PAYSERA, EasyPay, mBank, Przelewy24, SafetyPay, EUROPEAN Bank Transfer
3. WebMoney
4. Payssion: Local Methods (20+ Methods)

Here Is Our Store Link:

DoUploads Admin
Muhammad Sadeem
16 Nov 2018

Credit & Debit Payment Gateway - ByteSeller

Hello Dear Users!

Now We Are Official Partner With ByteSeller. Now You Can Buy & Renew Your Premium Membership With Your Visa & MasterCard Easilly.

DoUploads Admin
Muhammad Sadeem
19 Jul 2018

403 Forbidden Error nginx Has Been Fixed

Hello Dear Users

We Have Fixed 403 Forbidden Error nginx. 
If Someone Still Facing This Problem Please Let Us Know File Link In Comments Section. We Will Try Our Best To Fix The Problem

Thanks You For Keep Using DoUploads

DoUploads Admin
Muhammad Sadeem

10 May 2018

DoUploads Payout Rules Updated

Hello To All DoUploads Uploader's

We Have Updated Our Payout Rules On 10-May-2018.

New Rules Are:
1. PayPal & BitCoin Minimum Payout Is 20$. Transaction Fee Will Be Deducted From Your Side
2. WebMoney Minimum Payout Is 20$. 5% Transaction Fee Will Be Deducted From Our-side
3. Perfect Money & WebMoney Maximum Payout is 50$.
4. Payoneer Minimum Payout is 50$. Payment Will Be Processed On First & Last Week Of Every Month.

You Can See These Rules Also On Request Payout Page

By Updated & Making Little But Changes We're Trying To Make DoUploads Better. May Be These Rules Make You Angry Or Disturb But Surely After These Rules You Will See DoUploads Will Be More Stable In Payouts.

If You Have Requested Payout After 10th May 2018 Which Is Below 20$ Will Be Rejected. When You Reach To 20$ Then Request Payout.

Thank You

DoUploads Admin,
Muhammad Sadeem
21 Jan 2018

Do You Need More Storage ?

Hello Dearest Uploaders,

If You Have Good Downloads We Can Give You More Storage Free. If You're Movie,Drama Etc Uploader You Can Also get Free Storage.

Yes Of Course 100% Free Storage Will Be Given To Good Uploaders Who Have Best Downloads On Their Files.

Just Email Us Your Username To Below Email Or Use Contact Form
You Can Also Contact Us On Facebook Page

We Respect Our Uploaders & Also Our Downloaders :)
Thanks To All For Being Member Of DoUploads

DoUploads Admin
Muhammad Sadeem
1 Jan 2018

Google ReCaptcha Added

Hello Dear DoUploads Users

Today We Have Added Google ReCaptcha To Protect Fake/Fraud And Bot Downloads, Now a Days Many Users Generating Fake Downloads Using Bot Programs To Earn Money.
So We Have Planned To Add Google ReCaptcha To Protect Our Self From Fake Downloads

DoUploads Admin,
Muhammad Sadeem

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24 Jul 2017

Check Your Downloaded Files Stats Detailed

Hi Dear Users

We Have Allowed You To Users To View Their Daily Downloaded Files Review From Where Files Was Download And How Much You Earned

Features Of My Report:
File Name
Download Completed Or Not
Ad-Block Enabled Or Not
From Where File Download
How Much You Rewarded From Downloaded File

Goto My Reports Page And See Detailed Reports:

By This Way You Can Track How Much We Are Paying To You. And Our Rates Our Looks Fine As Described In Make Money Page.

Thank You.
23 Jul 2017

DoUploads Officially Launched Today

Today I Am Very Happy To Announce That Officially Launched To Day. Now You Can Start Using DoUploads And Make Money.

We Pay Higher Rates Than Other File Hosting Websites. We Pay 21$ Per 1000 Downloads. Check Our Rates And More Details About Make Money

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Facebook Page: